DMM Planets Crystal Wonderland

Last summer I spent a weekish in Tokyo after our move had calmed down. I had done the majority of the moving due to Josh working and he was really sweet to suggest that I go or do something as a way to wind down. I kept seeing these otherworldly beautiful photos of the DMM Planets Odaiba exhibit on Instagram and I decided I could not miss seeing a crystal wonderland. I managed to find a plane ticket to Tokyo the day before the exhibit ended on the 31st of August. 


My lovely friend Kathryn  hosted me for the majority of this trip and she arranged our trip out to Odaiba to see this. I got to meet the lovely Shell that morning as we stood in line early that morning. Thankfully we were in line for less than 45 minutes when we were prepared for the 2-3 hour waits the website had been warning us about. 

The crystal room made the entire trip worth it. It was a room of mirrors filled with floor to ceiling light strips that would light up in different colors and light sequences. It was crowded and we kept getting told to stay out of the lights, but it was one of the most wonderful experiences. I feel like I say this a lot, but it was just so so beautiful. I wish I had gotten better photos, but I was so overwhelmed by how stunning it was that I really wasn't thinking about getting good photos and kept thinking about how I redecorate a room to look like this. 

The next room was filled with white water that had light projections playing all over it like a screen. We waded through light flowers and light koi. I spent most of this room wishing I hadn't worn a long skirt and hiking said skirt up.

The last room was a dome with everyone sprawled out on the floor. There was a huge projection of beautiful flowers playing out on the ceiling. I was so zen'd out watching the light flowers spray their beautiful petals all over the inside of the building that I felt like I was waking from a beautiful dream when it was time to go. 

I heard from the girls that Fuji Tv puts on a huge exhibit like this every summer. There was an entire complex that had different events going on at the same time, but most of them seemed geared for children. It was 2,000 yen for a ticket to the entire Fuji Tv event, which I thought was well worth it. While there were a few things I thought could have been done better for the Planets exhibit (maybe actually have something to do with planets?), but overall I was really happy I had gone to Tokyo to see this and spend a day with people I liked. 

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