Retro Japanese Arcade in Daiba 1 Chome Shotengai

Most of the time I am not jealous of people who live in Tokyo. However, after going to this adorable little retro shopping arcade in Odaiba, I was seeing green. We don't have anything as cute as this in Kansai. 

The Daiba 1 Chome Shotengai å°å ´ï¼‘丁目商店街 is a cutey-patooty part of the Odaiba Decks shopping mall that is attempting to recreate a 1960s Japan experience. There is a vintage game arcade, quite a few shops that sell some of the cutest retro toys and stationary, a toy gun shooting range, AND snack shops that sell old school candy. I'm not really a candy person, but the packaging was killing me. 


I'm dying thinking of what a cute date spot in Tokyo this could be. I can't wait to bring Josh here. I might make him slick back his hair and wear a white shirt, jeans, and boots just to go along with the whole vintage date vibe. 

 Sailor Moon Pinball. Dead. 

Sailor Moon Pinball. Dead. 

Daiba 1 chome shotengai 台場1丁目商店街 is located inside of Odaiba Decks お台場デックス東京ビーチ in the Odaiba section of Tokyo. According to their website, it's only a 5 minute walk from Odaiba-Kaihinkouen station お台場海浜公園駅 on the Yurikamome Line. Make sure you bring your camera because this place is too good to leave un-photographed. 

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