Whole30 in Japan: Week 2 Meal Plan and Thoughts

Week 2

We're in the middle of Week 3 so it would probably be a good idea to get our Week 2 meals and thoughts out of the way while they're still fresh(ish) in our mind. Click here if you'd like to see Week 1 meals and thoughts. 


  • Smoothie 
  • Leftover pork and cauliflower rice 
  • Sweet Potato Chili (We used a regular onion, chicken broth, and used a variety of spices like cumin, coriander, and chili powder to sub for her chili powder mix)


  • Zucchini and Mushrooms with eggs
  • Leftover Chili
  • Loaded Sweet Potato fries ( I made a batch of my sweet potato fry recipe, added guacamole, chopped tomatoes, and leftover shredded pork. Sooo good) 


  • Omelet and smoothie 
  • Leftover pork with sauteed veggies I just seasoned with paprika 
  • Southwest Chicken Soup (no cilantro)


  • Sauteed veggies with scrambled eggs and hot sauce with a smoothie
  • Leftover Southwest Chicken Soup
  • Roasted vegetable salad with tomatoes, almonds, avocado, and this tahini dressing


  • Green smoothie and coffee with coconut cream (we used this page as a guide for the smoothie)
  • Leftover roasted vegetable salad 
  • Sausage, Kale, and Potato Soup (used baby kale from costco, dried mixed herbs instead of fresh thyme, and whatever small potatoes we found at the store)


  • Sauteed veggies with scrambled eggs and hot sauce
  • Leftover Sausage, Kale, and Potato Soup 
  • Roasted Chicken with Potatoes, Arugula, and Yogurt (this was reeaaallllly good. We used coconut milk instead of yogurt, put some dried dill in the sauce instead of fresh, and served it with baby kale. I've had my jar of harissa for a long time, but you can buy it from import stores here or make your own)


  • Carrot Pudding with bananas, almonds, and coconut shavings (Skipped the vanilla powder and ground cardamom pods down because it is soooo much better than the pre-ground stuff. This really wasn't a bad recipe, but I don't know if I'd make this again.)
  • Leftover chicken and potatoes 
  • First Class Beef Curry (Found stew meat on sale which almost never happens. Beef tendon or 牛すじ would do well with the long cooking time and be cheaper. I found small spicy chilis at Gyomu. I also used whole green cardamom pods instead of black. Served it with lime and cilantro which really brightened up an otherwise heavy meal. We served it with cauliflower rice.) 


Week 2 was difficult for me especially towards the end. I was so sick of eating just meat and vegetables every single day for every meal. I started feeling really heavy and lost my appetite, but still felt empty. Neither one of us felt an uptick in energy, better sleep, or actually anything. I think I've actually been more tired on this diet than I was when we ate all of the NO foods. I haven't had any blood sugar crashes except for one day when I had a smoothie and coffee for breakfast. I think if I drink coffee I need a more substantial meal. I haven't had any intense cravings for any specific foods which is good. Unlike the previous week, we didn't make a huge meal plan for the week and instead I just took stock of what we still had from Costco and went to the store for what we needed. I'm also about to divulge some TMI stuff right here, but this might be good to know for some. I haven't really had a normal bathroom trip since the beginning of Week 1 and I had the weirdest period I've ever had. It was 5 days late and I spent about 10 days cramping before my actual period started. Not just slightly uncomfortable cramps either, but intense enough I skipped one of my private lessons. I searched around and it seems the Whole30 messes with lot of women's cycles and instigates some bathroom issues. Something to do with hormones in food messing with your hormones? By the end of Week 2, I was really hoping for more of...something. Hopefully Week 3 will be better.