Kobe Eats: Le Boozy ルブージー

Heeyyy there. It's been a minute ( I feel like I'm writing this on every blog post now). My new job leaves me with very little spare time outside of eating, showering, and sleeping which means my desire to do long, well-thought out posts does not mesh well with my actual life. And truthfully I'm sitting on a lot of pictures and posts because I feel that I need perfectly edited pictures and a ton of information which stresses me out and then you all don't get to know about restaurants or favorite little spots I go to all of the time. So while I do hope to eventually make some in-depth city guides of places I frequent, I'm going to start doing short restaurant and cafe reviews simply titled (place name) Eats. You guys will get the information faster and I won't be having an aneurysm if I didn't order everything on the menu. 

First up in my Kobe Eats series will be Le Boozy ルブージー located near Sannomiya 三宮 area off of Flower Road. I saw this place on Instagram a few weeks ago and immediately bookmarked the picture of a mound of pancakes topped with sausage and bacon. I still long for the days of when I lived close(ish) to Westwood Bakers in Horie 堀江 and their eggs and bacon pancakes. When Josh woke up and realized we had 0 anything for breakfast, he quickly agreed to go when he saw the meat. That man will do anything for meat (any and all jokes welcome). 

Le Boozy is a rare find in this country. It opens for breakfast at 9:00 a.m. on weekends. This will mean nothing to you Americans who get to go to diners 24 hours a day and can get donuts at 6 in the morning, but to the early-breakfast starved foreigners in Japan, this is our place. We can eat bacon before 11 a.m. here. 

The interior is extremely cozy and well-done. The server told us they were going for a Boston restaurant feel and while I have no idea what that would look like, this place would be perfectly at home in a foreign country. The open kitchen lets you see what the chef is doing and he'll come by and chat with you about the food. And man that food. That food was great. The menu has some pretty interesting items for a Japanese restaurant. They have a Cubano キューバサンド and Bahn Miバインミ as well as a Croque Madame and Pancakes. We ordered the pancakes and the croque madame as well as two Americanos. The coffee was just ok. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't award winning. It seems the popular thing for couples to do is order a salad, the pancakes パンケーキ, and the croque madame クロックマダム. We passed on the fruit salad, but otherwise did the standard thing. The server said that as far as volume goes, the croque madame is going to be the biggest sandwich and strongly recommended it. I had asked about the Cubano and she definitely tried to get me away from it, so maybe it's not great?

The pancakes came out first. There were 3 medium sized pancakes just covered in homemade sausage, bacon, fried eggs, and crispy onions. The server set out a huge bottle of maple syrup on the table and I think Josh teared up a little. Again all ya'll in Americaland don't understand the thimble of maple syrup usually given here. As far as pancakes go, Westwood in Osaka still has better tasting pancakes, but this place wins at toppings. And then the croque madame came out and I whimpered a little. Sandwiched between two slices of crispy bread (not shokupan!) was a heavenly mixture of white sauce, chopped ham, cheese, and egg. It was topped with more broiled cheese and served with like a quarter cup of sharp mustard and tiny pickles. I didn't know if I could eat another bite. I don't know if I could stop eating. 

It was difficult to leave. I was full, I had a lap blanket borrowed from the restaurant, and I was so comfortable. I got told that the place has a pretty good dinner menu with steaks and whiskey and we are very tempted to come back soon, like every weekend forever. My only complaint about their brunch is that the drink menu is limited to beer and wine if you want alcohol. Mimosas would have made this place an 11/10. 

Le Boozy is about a 10 minute walk from Sannomiya station and 8 minute walk from Shin-Kobe. There is also a bus stop for city bus 92 that is extremely close for those who don't feel like walking much. Open from 9-12 on weekends and 6-11:30 for dinner. They're closed on Mondays. 

Name: Le Boozy ルブージー

Number: 078-778-9686

Address:〒650-0001, 2 Chome-3-13 Kanocho, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture

                  兵庫県神戸市中央区加納町2-3-13 コンフォールびふう 1F

Website: https://www.facebook.com/LE-BOOZY-219613938228062/

English: The menu translated baguette as bucket so I'm going to say no.